Andrew and Zelda are about to meet for first time. See what happens Thursday at 9:30/8:30c on NBC.

Yall named her Zelda

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Happy October!! Holiday season yayuh!!


I can’t tell tumblr about the shows I’m watching because some dick with a unibrow will try to spoil it

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I want kids so bad

so go to a playground and take one stupid where do u think kids come from

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Where is Sam Pepper’s mother in all of this


just saw a post accusing Obama of working for the government

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My mom needs to be disillusioned from her belief that there are perfect children in this world. There are things kids don’t let adults know. For instance, my cousin who is really good at studying English liked child pornography. My other cousin who is for some reason held as shining success even though she’s just an art student is a terrible racist. Like everybody’s got that one thing, man.


when u take off ur iphone case and it feels like ur holding a newborn

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